1. Artitec and Wallebroek join forces!

    In a rapidly changing market, where regulations, technical applications and the distribution requirements of dealers are always changing, Maarten Delfortrie of Artitec B.V. and Michel Struijk of Wallebroek Benelux B.V. have decided to join forces. 

  2. New Mi Satori consumer brochure

    Wallebroek has published a new consumer brochure for the Mi Satori brand. The brochure is full of ideas in the field of door, window and furniture fittings for your interior. Be inspired and discover which style suits you.

  3. New Identity enamel folder

    Wallebroek has a beautiful line of enamel products under the Identity brand name. We manufacture house numbers, nameplates and signboards, all in-house. Enameling means craftsmanship with car.